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What is SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards Program?

The SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards Program is like a frequent flyer account. Parents and grandparents establish an account and ‘sponsor’ students. They then accumulate additional Tuition Rewards points through various means including automatically added ‘birthday’ points credited to sponsored students.

Tuition Rewards points can be allocated to sponsored students – who then redeem them as a direct, dollar-per-point offset against the cost of tuition at any of the around 400 participating colleges and universities nationwide.

All students are eligible for sponsorship, from newborn up to August 31 of the year the student enters their junior year in high school. There are no academic or other qualifications – all sponsored students will receive 500 Tuition Rewards points upon enrollment (for a complete explanation of program rules, redemption procedures, and ways to earn additional points, visit

Since 2006, students have submitted Tuition Rewards worth over $466 million of guaranteed tuition discounts at participating colleges. 80% of SAGE schools are listed as “America’s Best” by U.S. News and World Report.

Making Private College Education More Affordable


SAGE Scholars is the nations #1 and largest college saving program for private colleges & universities. Our goal is to bridge the gap between students who want an affordable college education with colleges that will guarantee tuition discounts for member families – all at no cost to the student, family or college. Through our Tuition Rewards® program, SAGE Scholars has been helping families secure the best possible private college education at an affordable price for nearly a quarter of a century.

Fast Facts

  • Tuition reward points valued at over $85.7 million were submitted in 2018 by SAGE HS seniors with 6,200 applications to 379 different member colleges.

  • The average Tuition Reward Points of 13,980 represented a $3,475/yr in guaranteed minimum discounts off the “list price” for tuition for 4 years of undergrad study beginning with the freshman year.

  • Tuition Rewards are guaranteed discounts, not actual dollars, provided by member colleges that can be used by children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews of member families and are unlimited.

  • Since 2006, students have submitted tuition reward points valued over $466 million.

  • Over 400 mostly private colleges and universities participate in our guaranteed minimum discounts from their “sticker price”. (22 in Indiana).

  • 80% of SAGE schools have been awarded “America’s Best” by U.S. News and World Report.

  • Thousands of companies already use Tuition Rewards as an employee benefit, encouraging families to save for college and attend participating schools.

  • SAGE Scholars also provides comprehensive college and career planning tools including checklists and timelines, helping prepare the student every step of the way.

  • 500 SAGE points can simply start today by attending an absolutely free workshop or even add another 500 for a CAP (College Admissions Profile) score meeting with our representative.

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How SAGE Tuition Rewards Work

  • Tuition Reward Points can be earned for up to one year’s full tuition at member schools.

  • Adults (parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles) can identify as many student beneficiaries as they like and there is no limit on the amount of Tuition Rewards that can be earned.

  • Students must be registered by at least one adult (usually parent, grandparent) by August 31 of the year the student begins 11th grade.

  • The last date that a student’s sponsor can transfer rewards to the student is August 31 of their 12th grade year. This is also the last date that a student can earn or receive rewards points.

  • The points earned will be awarded directly to the sponsor, and it is the sponsor’s responsibility to transfer those points to the correct student.

  • Tuition Reward points may be earned through:

    • Registration – 500 points

    • Attendance to an absolutely Free Workshop – 500 points

    • A CAP (College Admission Profile) meeting – 500 points

    • Birthdays – varies (500-1000 points each)

    • Watching and passing online tutorials with tests – 1000-4000 points

    • Opt into other services provided by

    • Each added student will receive 500 points each

    • Referrals to other familes up to 3000 points

    • An annual review of the plan can also be given 500 points.

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