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Doug Peacock


As a lifelong football coach and educator, Doug has helped thousands of families win the personal cash-flow game. The game plan recaptures the thousands of dollars paid to banks and other lending institutions to grow wealth safely and predictably in a tax-favored environment into your personal financing system. Doug is especially effective with student loans and destroys them quicker than you ever thought possible. 

As a college funding specialist, Doug coaches parents how to send students to their best schools without destroying retirement accounts and with as little out of pocket money as possible. Some have even found themselves getting every dollar they spend on college back into their cash flows during retirement, making college funding extremely efficient.

We simply work too hard and too long for our money, to run out of income during our “golden years” because of debts and college costs. Learn to have peace of mind about your future years.




Doug is married to Desa (Duvick) Peacock with 3 grown children and 3 (so far) grandchildren.

They reside near Indianapolis in Fortville.

Email Address Coach.Doug.Peacock@Gmail.com

Phone: (317) 697-6321

Your Wealth Must Reside Somewhere!

Your wealth must reside somewhere! It must have a permanent place of residence. You must own, control, and have use your money, or you haven’t built any wealth, you just stashed some money away. About 90 % of Americans keep their wealth in either taxable, unavailable, and/or volatile residences that limit what you can do with their money. If what you thought was true about your money, wasn’t true about your money, when would you want to know? I first heard this question from Don Blanton, a fine southern gentleman with a distinct southern Georgia drawl, and I’ve been unable to “unhear” it, since.